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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we have to prepare for a direct hit. >> there's an urgent call from officials along the east coast to prepare for the worst as hurricane matthew threatens the area. >> i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. preparations are under way as the hurricane skirts by florida. several states of emergency have been declared already. >> abc news reporter angelica spanos has the latest. >> reporter: in haiti disaster teams are assessing the damage caused by hurricane matthew's flash flooding and
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145-mile-per-hour winds. many roads and houses destroyed by the killer storm recall. $1.5 million in initial u.s. aid is on the way. >> everything in my house is wet. i've lost everything. the water took it. i won't have a chance to get it back. >> reporter: florida's governor says matthew's claimed over a dozen lives so far and now the storm is pounding the bahamas. >> drove to four different stations trying to get gas and no gas. >> got a palette -- an additional palette of generators yesterday and within half an hour they are gone. they are going really fast. >> reporter: people are scrambling for supplies, food and bottled water. four states, florida, georgia and the carolinas have already declared a state of emergency. millions ordered to evacuate in the next 48 hours. >> you can still have hurricane conditions on the coast. storm surge and heavy rainfall.
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you don't have to be neither center of the storm to be at the center of act in land areas. >> fema warning residents in the affect area to leave before it's too late. florida's governor rick scott says thousands and thousands of national guardsmen are standing by to confront what could be the largest hurricane evacuation in the state's history. angelica spanos, abc news, new york. >> and spencer christian has been tracking the storm for us and joins us with the late on its path. spencer? >> okay, a.m., a. this is a very powerful storm, as you know. category 3 hurricane right now and may reintensify by tomorrow. let's take a look at where it is. matthew is expected to plow through the bahamas tonight and tomorrow and hurricane warnings in effect and hurricane watch nez effect for florida's atlantic coast and tropical storm warnings in effect for florida's southern tip and a tropical storm watch is in effect for florida's west coast. the storm is expected to take a path through the bahamas and
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will re-emerge and will become a category 4 hurricane and right up along the atlantic coast and still as a category 4 storm and before weakening to a category it as it moves up along the south carolina coast. after that it's expected to take a very strange turn, first towards the east on sunday and then diving southeastward again and back down into the warmer south atlantic and caribbean waters by sunday. it looks like it's going to be in a rather erratic path if it follows that path and people in its path should take all the advisories and evacuation orders very seriously. ama? >> thanks so much. bay area relief agencies are getting word on what's needed after hurricane matthew moved across the caribbean. >> the next step is raising money. abc 7 news reporter david louie spoke to one agency that has a staff of more than 300 in haiti. >> relieve agencies cite two
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problems, major roads and bridges have been wiped out making it difficult to deliver food and supplies and the other is the lack of clean drinking water which could lead to a cholera outbreak similar to what happened after the earthquake in 2010. however, that's not deterring groups such as sos children's villages which has been operating schools, homes for orphaned children to more than 21,000 haitians since 1978. los gatos resident cameron schmitt sits on the board. >> we've been there during the crisis and there during it and along after and the ability for us to be a core component of the relief effort in partnership with others is of high priority. >> like other nonprofit groups sos says cash donations are needed most to provide fast-changing needs from medicine to food. >> reporter: plantain harvest season right now and all of the fields of plantains have been wiped out in the west so there's going to be an acute food situation well into the future. >> schmidt and his family visited haiti last spring where they could see how programs are helping haitians who have never
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fully recovered from the earthquake six years ago. >> there's still massive damage from the earthquake that's visible. buildings are down and infrastructure that hasn't been rebuilt. homes and families that have been separated and ripped apart. it's going to take years for these families to rebuild. >> reporter: contact information for sos and bay area bay's relief groups can be found on the website david louie, abc 7 news. >> hurricane matthew is causing concern about standing water and the mosquer to-borne zika virus. florida governor rick scott warned residents of the dangers and how to better protect themselves. >> everyone should dump the standing water around their homes and businesses, encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same thing. remember to wear long sleeves and wear bug repellant when you're outdoors. combating this virus is something we must do together to protect our pregnant women and developing babies. >> florida's health department is investigating 20 new zika
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cases, including one involving a person who doesn't live in florida but did visit miami-dade county. you can stay up to date on the travel impact and the latest path of hurricane matthew with our abc 7 news app. you can download it from free for your app store and enable push alerts so you get breaking news update just as soon as they happen. >> now to developing news, a concord mother is recounting a terrifying moment when a clown tried to grab her child. >> this is a bizarre incident, and it happened at a school nationwide and here in the bay area are dealing with the threats of scary clowns promising to show up on campuses and attack kids. abc 1 news reporter laura anthony joins us live in concord with the mother's story. lawyer snarks. >> reporter: hi, larry. no indication that this incident today was related to the threats on student campuses. this mother was having a lunch at denny's earlier today before 1:00 when her young daughter and when they finished lunch they headed down to the bus stop. we can show you pictures of that
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bus stop just down the street on willow pass road here. we understand she told me she was standing at the bus stop. her baby daughter in her arms and a man dressed as a clown, in and began talking with them.hem- at one point she said this man reached out and grabbed the little girl's arm. at that point she reacted. here's what concord police told us happened next. >> so mom thought that maybe he was trying to pull her daughter away, and she reacted by kicking the suspect in the shin two times and the suspect ran off towards -- up willow pass road towards market street after that. >> reporter: now, according to the mom, there weren't too many words exchanged. as soon as she kicked the man he ran off and he was wearing a clown outfit and no mask and no makeup. a blue curly wig we're told and tennis shoes, and, again, he ran off according to this mother
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into the surrounding neighborhood. this happened all just before about 1:00 this afternoon. we did see detectives from the concord police department ought here looking for witnesses. apparently there were no witnesses besides the mothers so they are asking anyone who might have seen something to come forward. they are also checking the surrounding businesses here to see if there was any video of this incident. in concord, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> all right, laura. thank you. an east bay psychologist was arrested today for possession of child porn. investigators say they found a significant amount of important on computers at both the lafayette home and orenda office of 68-year-old kenneth breslin. >> breslin has been a psych swrist for more than 30 years and has a practice called a child's point of view. anyone with additional information about dr. breslin should contact investigators >> deputies raided a large marijuana grow within the loma fire zone in the santa cruz mountains.
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a search warrant was served in rural santa clara county, well east of the known origin point of the fire. they arrested one person and seized 89 marijuana plants. the grow at the center of today's raid isn't being investigated as a source of the fire. red cross volunteers are on the scene helping victims. loma fire. cal fire says that fire is now 94% contained inching up from 92% this morning you can take a look at many so of the time lapse video here that was shot on september the 26th. that's the day the fire started, and the man who shot the video said he just had a sick feeling this fire was going to be a big one. that fire has destroyed 12 homes and already burned about 4,500 acres. >> the highway patrol is looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist in hayward. sky 7 was the over the scene shortly after the crash along southbound 880 and tennyson road. the cyclist was a man in his 20s. investigators have little to go on and are looking for anyone who may have seen something. >> some contra costa county
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workers walked off the job for a fourth consecutive day now to protest their working conditions. more than 1,100 county social work remembers off the job. the seiu members say they don't have enough co-workers to handle all the people who need help. the strike began on friday. the county last knight negotiated with the union on thursday and they were hoping to return to the bargaining table soon. they say there's minimal impact to the county services because of this work stoppage. the fight against aids got a big boost at the dream force convention in san francisco. >> nbc 7 news anchor krinzy is here with the details. >> reporter: ceo mark benioff is known for his philanthropy and today he announced a campaign to raise $1 million to defeat aides. standing alongside house minority leader nancy pelosi and mayor ed lee. they are encouraging customers to support red. u2 front man bono started the foundation. red is normally raising money when people buy brands that have partnered with them. today salesforce set up a pop-up
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force so attendees can buy things, such as the red computer kit with proceeds going towards the campaign. >> perhaps the most important thing we do at dreamforce is to remind someone else to do something for somebody else. >> to help end aids for good is a noble calling, forever, meaning forever, for good meaning what it means in the lives of people and in the life of countries. >> the campaign has already raised $360,000. you just click on the donate and then you can select your amount. they make it very easy. you know, originally they started with a target of $1 million but with promises of matching donations from dennoff and bill gates the goal is now 4 million. music to the ears of bono who will perform at the dreamforce concert tonight at the cal palace. sky 7 flew over the venue just a little time ago temporarily called the cloud palace right now. you can see the stage is set for
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a beautiful day. larry and am snarks. >> all right, kristen. thank you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, it's a moving part of fleet week. young service members pay a visit to disabled vets, and they are calling it inspiring. >> also the love and admiration for a special marine ready to retire. >> later, the candidates putting their best spin on last night's contentious vice presidential debate. >> and 9:007 on your side's" michael finney is taking your questions on facebook and twitter. he'll answer the questions here live a little bit later. >> at 4:12, a live look at your afternoon commute. this is a live shot of the golden gate bridge, and it is a picture perfect day. blue skies, light breeze and traffic moving
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fleet week is here and as part of the military tradition a group of marines and sailors visited patients at the v.a. hospital in palo alto, a advice thought showed the true meaning of camaraderie. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >>. >> reporter: this marine became partially paralyzed when his humvee rolled over during war exercises. he's now suffered a stroke. group of marines and sailors visited him as he was doing his rehab exercises at the hospital's trauma unit. we can't reveal his identity because he's still on active diet, but the young service member who spoke with him said they were inspired by him. >> good to see a fellow marine who has been through a traumatic event and they overcome adversity. it makes me feel i can do the same thing myself.
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>> reporter: and there was this encounter with donald "doc" barker. an 85-year-old korean war veteran, a volunteer at the hospital for the past 12 years. he was grateful. >> once you're in the military you develop that camaraderie and that never leaves you, and -- and in your life throughout the years. >> reporter: perhaps the most moving visit of all, this one, a visit from several blue angels and marine corporal gonzalez who suffers from traumatic brain amnesia. today was the special day not only because of the visit. >> it's his birthday. we get to be here and -- and any time you can put a smile on someone's face especially when it's one of your own. >> reporter: corporal gonzalez lost years of memory after his car accident. his mother told us the visit had jolted his memory. >> saying things i haven't heard him because it's refreshing. it's things that are showing his
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recovery. >> reporter: the visit was a testimonial to the motto semper if i, always loyal, a motto that meant a lot to patients here today. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> as part of fleet week, sky 7 was over the hmcs calgary earlier this afternoon. you can see the sailors enjoying the beautiful weather. the vessel served in the royal canadian navy since 1995. you can tour the ship for free at pier 15 saturday through monday. lots of love and admiration today for a special marine ready to retire. this is pascal, a 9-year-old dog and eight-year marine corps veteran who served as an explosive detector dog. he'll demonstrate his abilities at san francisco's debows park on saturday with other military dogs that's part of fleet week. his handler says pascal will then retire to a much deserved
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camp couch. >> pascal, having a good time at pier 39, it appeared. job seekers and those hiring were out in force today. abc 7 news at city college's mission campus for one of the largest job fairs in recent memory, jobs doing everything from driving to a truck to working at sfo were being offered and even abc 7 was there looking for people to hire. more than 79 employers and 100 recrouters were on hand today and hundreds of job seekers packed the room, many with resumes in hand and ready to work. >> this year's crab season is on track to avoid the problems we saw last year when the season was delayed by months after toxic algae was found along the coast. testing we told you about earlier this week has determined the crop contained no significant amounts of toxin, but don't get too excited just yet. the november 15th commercial season opener is still weeks away so officials say the situation could change. >> all right. spencer christian joining us with a look at our weather as well as the weather in new york
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where the giants will be playing the mets and when you get a chance check out spencer's facebook page because there's some concern about his allegiances going into this game. >> sketchy. >> people have observed because i spent 23 years there rooting for the mets that maybe i have divided loyalties. i'm a national league fan. >> and would you like to go even further? >> i love the national league. >> oh, wow. >> that's all we're getting from him apparently. >> the wonder when the new weather person who likes the giant get here. >> we've got a giant warmup coming here. sunny skies all over the bay area, a little breezy along the coast. a lovely, lovely october day, and actually weather conditions here this evening will be about the same as they will be this evening in new york is a the giants take on the mets in the wild card game. here's a live view of blue skies over the bay from our abc 7 rooftop camera. currently 63 degrees at san francisco and 71 in oakland and
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73 in mountianview and 76 in gilroy and 63 at half moon bay. check out this view of blue western skies from our emoriville camera. skies don't get much bluer. 77 right now in santa rosa and fairfield and 76 in napa and novato 72 and concord 76 degrees and looking towards ocean beach, this current warming trend will continue through saturday. we'll have summer-like warmth for fleet week which is just going to be spectacular, but it will cool down early next week with a chance of showers by next wednesday. on we go to overnight conditions. we'll have clear skies, a little breezy near the coast and chilly in the inland valley where temperatures drop from the mid to upper 40s and near the bay and coast lows in the low to mid-50s, and then tomorrow sunny skies from coast to inland. once again, still breezy at the coast tomorrow and highs will range from mid-60s at the coast to low to mid-70s right around the bay and low 80s in the warmest inland locations and bring on fleet week friday,
4:21 pm
saturday and sunday as the blue angels put on their air show. we'll see sunny skies. it will be warm by san francisco standards on friday and saturday with highs in the low to mid-70s. it will cool down just a little bit on sunday and still a lovely day with mainly sunny skies. highs in the upper 60s and overnight lows in the low 50s so we've got gorgeous weather coming our our way for fleet week. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures just keep climbing on friday. upper 80s and low 80s on the bay and low 90s in the hot spots inland on saturday and mid-80s around the bay and up to 70 degrees on the coast on saturday. we'll see some cooler breeze near the coast and bay on sunday and not much cooling inland until monday, columbus day when every location cools down a bit. cooling continues into tuesday and wednesday we get our slight chance of rain. gametime continues in new york at citi field this evening will be mostly clear, 46 degrees at start of the game which is almost exactly what we would have at at&t park.
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>> almost feel like a home team. >> go, giants. >> we like in a. >> didn't think we'd hear that. >> coming up, your chance to own the iconic clothes of michael j. fox wore in "back to the future 2" and you'll be helping a great cause as well. >> and hispanic heritage month with posts to our twitter feed. the panama-pass nick international expose of 1915 was hosted, one of the gems of the expo is the palace of fine arts which remains a popular destination. panama-pacific expo session is one example of a great partnership between the bay area and latin america. more details on instagram
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bruce springsteen is voicing his support for colin kaepernick saying he admirers kaepernick for the commitment to the black lives matter movement because it's difficult for athletes to take a political stance on any issue. by the way, spring steen is in
4:25 pm
san francisco tonight speaking to fans about his new memoir "born to run." that event begins at 7:30 at the morse theater, and that event is sold out. prince fans are getting a chance to take an up close look at where he lived and where the late artist created his music. tours have begun of prince's paisley park estate in minnesota. they have scaled back tours because of traffic and safety concerns. tours will be held three days. paisley park was prince's minnesota home and recording studio. back in april he died of a drug overdose. he was 57. >> michael j. fox made history wearing space age shoes as marty mcfly in "back to the future 2" and now fans can win the self-lacing mags and supporting a cause near and dear to fox. the actor was diagnosed with parkinson's in 19919 and his foundation is teaming up with nike once again in a raffle for
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the famous shoes. the tickets are $10. 100% of the proceeds go to the michael j. fox foundation to help find a cure for parkinson's. >> right now we have a one-size-fits-all drug therapy and we need to find other drugs that target specific versions of the disease. >> all of you at home can help fund that research by entering the drawing. you'll find a link to the contest on our website, and the drawing ends on october the 11th. well, come up on "abc 7 news at 4:00." the campaign blitz after the vice presidential debate. >> and a u.s. senate unlike any that california has ever seen before. >> and the major step nevada lawmakers are about to take that could decide the raiders' future in oakland. >> and it's do or die for the san francisco giants. later, a live report on tonight's wild card playoff game with
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and here's what's making headlines at 4:30. hurricane matthew is affecting flights at bay-area airports. abc 7 news was as san francisco international airport. i apologize for seeing trump there, where people are head together caribbean and florida and are facing cancellations as
4:30 pm
well as delays. tomorrow is expected to be much worse. matthew threatens almost the entire eastern coast of the u.s. the storm is blamed for at least 11 deaths across the caribbean. >> all right. take a look here. this is a picture that was tweeted by abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen. he says 89 large marijuana plants were found close to where the loma wildfire started. he'll have a live report on "abc 7 news at 5:00." two san francisco supervisors are featuring drag queens in their pitch to voters. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is on the story and tweeted a photo of drag queen superstar honey mahogany that talks about the campaign's unique strategy. in the race for white house, now you see here donald trump stumped for votes in nevada while hillary clinton is prepping for sunday's debate. their running mates took center stage last night with both campaigns now claiming victory. abc 7 news reporter elizabeth hur has a look.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton stumping for votes and praising their running mates for a job well done. >> mike pence did an incredible job, and i'm getting a lot of credit, because that's really my first so-called choice, that was my first hire as we would say in las vegas. >> reporter: they are now preparing for their next big showdown with their vice presidential candidates also back on the campaign trail. >> what i can tell is from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. >> and we're going to make history by electing hillary clinton, our first woman president on november 8th. let's go back it happen. >> reporter: this after a night filled with jabs and more than 100 interruptions, most by kaine in just 90 minutes. >> donald trump during this campaign has called mentixicans
4:32 pm
rapists and criminals. experts saying kaine won on substance and pence on style. >> let me talk about this issue -- >> senator, i think i'm still on my time. >> isn't this a discussion? >> but because neither did much to move that needle in winning over undecided voters analysts say that was the stakes even higher for trump and clinton on sunday and between now and sunday sources tell abc news once again there will be mock debates and time off the trail for clinton while for trump his team says he was prepared last time and he will be ready for round two. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. tonight california voters will get their only chance to see the two democrats running for senate in a debate. attorney general kamala harris and orange county representative loretta sanchez will take the stage at call state los angeles at 7:00. more live from cal state l.a. with the story. elex? >> reporter: yeah, larry, behind
4:33 pm
us you can see the stage is set. we are ready to go. coming into tonight kamala harris with a pretty big endorsement from the united farm workers. she will no doubt bring that up as she gets red for the big night. the one and only televised california senate debate is hours away. >> for the first time my opponent and i will get to really meet face to face and talk about the issues. >> reporter: it's loretta sanchez, a ten-term congresswoman from orange county versus kamala harris, a prosecutor serving as state attorney general. >> california wants in our top elected leaders people who know how to get things done. >> i'm the candidate with experience so i think people will see that. >> reporter: this is the first california senate race since the senate voted in a top two primary system, the first time two democrats have ever run against each other in november. a recent news group poll shows harris leading sanchez but sanchez is gaining and a
4:34 pm
staggering 31% of voters are undecideded. >> it does seem like it is not necessarily a blowout, and it could be competitive. >> reporter: harris is endorsed by the state's democratic party, by governor jerry brown, vice president joe biden and president barack obama. after the president announced his endorsement of harris sanchez responded on univision saying she is african-american, he is, too. what do you make of that comment? >> i think that it's -- it's at least troubling. >> reporter: we talked to harris about that during the democratic national convention in philadelphia. at the time sanchez refused to apologize. a recent poll shows harris leading by 13 points among white voters and by 57 points among african-american voters. sanchez leads by six among latinos and by ten points among republicans. >> at this point i think a lot of it comes down to who decides to vote. >> reporter: that's why tonight
4:35 pm
could be so important for this race. it should be really interesting. if you want to watch it live from 7:00 to 8:00 tonight go, to our website, abc reporting live, elex michaelson, abc 7 news. >> watch the debite live on comcast 715 or digital 7.2 and we'll stream the debate live on if you can't catch it live it will rebroadcast at 1:42 a.m. right here tomorrow morning on abc 7. a major announcement in the effort to build a stadium in las vegas for the raiders. nevada governor brian sandoval today ordered a special session. state legislature to begin next monday. lawmakers will decide whether to approve a record $750 million in taxpayer money to build the $2 billion stadium in vegas. raiders owner mark davis has said he'll move the team to las vegas if that stadium is
4:36 pm
approved and league owners also buy n.oakland is not giving up on the raiders just yet. hall of fame ronnie lott is still optimist take his group can put together a stadium plan here. >> labor organizers have named mcdonald's and its franchises and sexual harassment claims on behalf of 15 workers who are members of the fight for 15 campaign. that campaign has pushed for higher wages and a union for fast food workers since 2012. in one complaint an employee claims her manager rubbed against and groped female employees. mcdonald's maintains it's not responsible for hiring and pay practices at the more than 14,000 franchises that bear its name. >> just ahead on abc 7 news, the aggressive new effort to protect the world's most trafficked mammal, and you've probably never even heard of it before. >> i'm michael finney. "ask finney" is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with the #askfinney. i'll answer your questions here live a little later. >> i'm spencer christian.
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you see bright, almost cloudless skies in the west and they will remain cloudless for a while. i'll have the accuweather forecast com
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be a delicacy because of their scales which are used in traditional medicine. the poaching has taken its toll on the population. >> the future is looking incredibly bleak. if traffic carries on the way it is now, then they have 20 to 25 years to be left on earth. >> pangolins are rare in north america living mostly in asia and africa. >> we'll start with live doppler 7 showing sunny skies all across the bay area and let's hop over to the other coast where tonight in new york the giants play the mets in the national league wild card game. gametime 63 degrees and might as well be playing at at&t park. same weather conditions. breezy at the coast under sunny skies and highs range from the mid-60s here in the bay area to low to plid 80s to the low 80s in the warmest inland locations and we have a big warming trend
4:41 pm
going our way into the weekend. other in san francisco this time of the year, average high temperature 74 degrees and 75 on sunday before a cooldown begins on monday -- on sunday rather. i should have said friday and saturday, the warmest days before cooling down on sunday. inland areas will remain warm through the weekend. livermore, for example, upper 80s to low 90s on the weekend and just tapering off a little bit on monday before further cooling takes place in our inland areas on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday of next week we might get a little bit of rainfall and chances are not looking so great but there is that chance so i thought i would mention it. >> nice to get the chances again. >> you're right about that. >> thanks, spencer. >> still ahead at 4:00. san francisco's embarcadero makes a top 25 list but that's not a good thing. >> no. also fending off infections in the hospital. find out why it's a good thing to have a copper sink or faucet in your room. >> i'm seven on your side's michael februariy, a restaurant
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a group dedicated to preservation has a strong warning about one of san francisco's most popular hot spots, the embarcadero is now among the most endangered landmarks in the u.s. abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington explains why. >> reporter: san francisco's embarcadero is likely at the top of every tourist's to do list, packed with restaurants, sharp, three miles of prom nads and, of course, the iconic ferry building. but it also makes an alarming list. the national trust for historic preservation added the embarcadero to the country's most at-risk historic places. two main reasons why, earthquakes and the rising sea level. >> we have a large population there on a given day which makes it a concern during a major disaster on how we're going to be able to care for, reach and be able to extract anybody who is a victim of those incidents. >> reporter: jonathan baxter with the san francisco fire department says they prepare for disasters all the time. today they are on treasure island performing drills with members of the marines and navy
4:46 pm
as part of fleet week. a disaster could damage or destroy the embarcadero's sea wall. if the worst does happen they are prepared. >> we have rescue watercraft in the area that train on a monthly basis. those carry firefighters that are specifically trained in water rescue. >> reporter: a spokeswoman at the port of san francisco said they recently did a seismic study of the sea wall. she says repairs would cost $2 billion to $5 billion. that's more money than the port has so at the moment they are trying to find that funding. meanwhile the mayor's office put together a regional resiliency task force to prepare residents and infrastructure for these challenges. in san francisco, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> all right. time now for "ask fin," 9:007 on your side's "mike finney is here. the greensticker for hybrid
4:47 pm
vehicles has been reach. the dmv is accepting applications so what's the likelihood that they will issue more? >> it's not very good. the greenstickers are the ones that go on hybrid vehicles that allow them to go into the hov lanes with just one person in the car. they are all out. the entire lot. so the legislature is looking at allowing more of them to be issued, but the legislature went home and did not do that, so that's not available. however, there are still white stickers available. the white stickers are for electric and alternative fuel cars. there are no limits on though, so if you have one of those cars, you can still get in the carpool lane. >> skood b. asks on facebook my restaurant bill had something on it called sf mandates. what is sf mandates? >> great question. san francisco, employers must provide health care coverage for their employees. now, some restaurants add a surcharge to pay for that mandate. now, that's legal as long as the customer knows about the charge before ordering and all of the money collected goes to health care in san francisco.
4:48 pm
it was a protest in the beginning. you would see a few restaurants. some of them still stick, some don't but all the money has to go to the mandate. >> cat corinne d. e-mails is the california earthquake authority a reputable condition to get insurance from? i was wondering this, too, because you see all the commercials running right now. >> it is. it's a hybrid, private money but it's run by the state. >> okay. >> there are some private companies offering earthquake insurance but not very many. the cea is a nonprofit, as i said, run by the state government but with private money. you can't buy directly from the cea, although you've seen all those commercials and rather you go through insurance companies that are members of the cea. you must have homeowners or richmond centre's insurance before you can get earthquake insurance. totally legit. they are the big guys with a ton of money and everybody thinks they currently have enough to cover a huge quake. it's expensive though. >> i was going to say because
4:49 pm
usually earthquake insurance is so costly. >> right. >> it's actually gone down a little bit. it's still crazy high though. crazy high. you need to take a look at it and look at how much you're willing to risk. >> okay. >> how can people get ahold of you, michael. >> thanks very much for asking me that. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday. >> thank you, michael. >> in today's wellness report, money troubles are linked to poor brain health. >> and copper in hospital rooms may be a good way to reduce infections. here's jane king. >> reporter: poverty may dampen mental function and lead to premature brain ageing in some people. the studies were published in the "american journal of preventive medicine." there's a strong association between financial struggles and processing information quickly. pepsi is being accused of misleading customers about how
4:50 pm
accurate the naked juice drinks are. pepsi has not responded for comment on that lawsuit. kids who don't get a flu shot are more likely to receive alternative medicine. the children may be taken to doctors. only about 35% of kids who went to practitioners of what's known as manipulative and body-based therapies such as chiropractic care or massage got flu vaccinations. copper in hospital rooms may stem infections. the "new york times" found the concentration of bacteria was 98% lower in the copper rooms. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. "abc 7 news at 4:00. request "is up next. are they believing?
4:51 pm
we'll check in with giants fans who are geefrg up for tonight's do or die wild card playoff game. >> and a look at what's coming up on "abc 7 news at 5:00." >> coming up next, a southwest airlines flight is evacuated. what caused smoke to billow in the cabin? vice presidential candidate mike pence and the comment taking on a life its own. and a loyalty boost from te economy for airbnb. narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools.
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4:55 pm
here's tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00 it's "the goldbergs" followed by "speechless" and "black-ish" and then at 10:00 it's "designated survivor." >> the road to the world series for the giants begins tonight, at least they hope it takes them to the world series. the giants facing the mets at a wild card playoff at citi field. >> mad bum is being spent to the mound and fans are hoping he'll revive the postseason success of 2014 when the giants won it all. more live in san francisco with a preview. hi, lilian. >> reporter: people are showing up at all the bars around at&t park including a popular spot at the corner of second and king streets. just a few minutes the wild card game will begin and giants fans are excited. the team has been in this do or die situation before. two years ago the giants played
4:56 pm
the pirates in the wild card game and as were all know the giants won that game and ultimate lit 2014 world series, the third since having won in 2010 and 2012. so will this even year pattern continue? fans we talked to certainly hope so. >> everything is going to go well. i'm not nervous at all. i know this is our year. i know luck is on our side so let's go giants. >> are you nervous? >> a little nervous, but i think they can do it. >> reporter: what do you think they have to do today? >> i think bumgarner needs to hold it strong with them, and i think they need to keep the hits going. >> reporter: now with the giants win today game one of the national league divisional series will not be here at at&t park. it will be at wrigley field against the cubs on friday. fingers crossed. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> thanks. san francisco mayor ed lee and new york city mayor bill de blasio are upping their ante
4:57 pm
this afternoon after think made a friendly wager on tonight's outcome. >> yeah. de blasio originally put the city's latest bagel innovation on the line offering to send the coffee and told the mayor the giants are going to win so he should just go ahead and send the bagels. >> later this afternoon de blasio posted this photoshopped picture and propose the loser wear the team's willie mays jersey for halloween. any time you can wear a willie mays jersey you're doing well. >> viewer debbie dunn can and her family are confident, debby sharing this picture of a poster reading 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 post season believein. >> the giants even re-tweeted this with the photo what she said. share your photos with us with the aircraft abc7now so we can find and feature them on air or
4:58 pm
online. that will do it for us at
4:59 pm
arrest on the mountaintop. today's big raid in the south bay and the possible connection to the loma fire. scare on a passenger jet. a smartphone burning, shock in the cabin. passengers evacuated. >> plus, political fallout. the three words from last night's vice presidential debate hitting a nerve here. >> and airline travel in the bay area disrupted as hurricane matthew roars closer to the u.s. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll have the projected path of this powerful storm coming up. >> sheriff's deputies raid a house and two greenhouses in santa clara county and some pot plants were as tall as trees. >> in fact, one plant alone weighed 44 pounds. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze.
5:00 pm
>> thanks for joining us. today's large marijuana bust was inside the area where the loma fire started. aches 7 news was there as law enforcement hauled out dozens of plants. the i-team first reported last week that the loma fire was likely sparked at the side of a marijuana farm. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen joins us live at the fire zone with the latest. >> and we're not too far from where that marijuana bust took place. we just received word that the man allegedly responsible for the marijuana grow operation has been booked into the santa clara county jail. here's a picture of him on your screen. his name is yariv dorr and according to the sheriff's office he's being charged with cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale. in the santa cruz mountains a large marijuana bust on loma prieta. today members of the santa clara county marijuana eradication team served a search warrant at


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